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Actionable Ideas

Share. Discuss. Implement. Repeat.

Share your ideas to get feeback and insights from your colleagues. Iterate until it's approved and move ahead.

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Ideas and suggestions for anything. Literally.

You decide the topics and themes. Your employees will do the rest.

Sustainability Example
Sustainability Example
Sustainability Example
Summer Party 😎 2021
Sustainability Example
Cost Savings
Sustainability Example
NY Office Expansion
Sustainability Example
Mobile App V2.0
Sustainability Example
Remote Work Tooling
Sustainability Example

Innovation at your fingertips

A better way to move your organization forward

Lampant offers an innovation platform like no other, allowing your organization to excel by leveraging your own people and their ideas.

Get Ideas from Everyone
Wherever your people are and whatever is their role, their ideas can be very valuable.
Make good decisions
Use data to drive your decision making, measure and follow up on achievements and learnings.
Light the fire!
Inspire interest in different topics, bring people together and get the best outcomes.
Spark the conversation
The best ideas come out when people talk. Collaboration, from a random thought to a concrete plan.

Innovation is a team sport

An Idea is often an input... for another Idea

You couldn't invent a car without inventing wheels, gas or the internal combustion engine first. Build ideas on top of each other, and the sky will be the limit.

Idea Cloud


Ideas should not be locked up

Integrate with several tools to take your ideas to new heights. Make it easier to submit and participate with a few clicks.


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